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unraveling fear

Fear; a consciousness so pervasive it seems to linger behind every possible corner. It’s become so engrained in our society it’s recognized as normal and is commonly accepted to live in fear.

However, we can learn to understand it, and train ourselves to see beyond the veil of fear that holds so many of us captive. Gifting us an opportunity to realign to a higher way of relating with life.

Fear manipulates its way into the psyche the moment we have preference. As soon as one thing is better than another, you become attached to the preferred outcome. When all is in inherently neutral; a truth I continuously remind myself.

When we release our attachments to how we think things should go, we find ourselves moving through life with a more carefree attitude. Especially once we reconcile the truth that we what we are is an eternal form of consciousness whose core essence is to expand into an ocean of creative possibility. We remember that freedom is our birthright, and that we incarnated into form to have experiences and to adventure as far as our imagination can take us.

Fear may always be present, but so is love, trust and grace. The more we align to these higher frequencies, the closer we come to source, and the more we embody our souls true essence that is free and all pervasive itself. It’s all a choice which fractal of expression we align to.

May we remember who we are and free ourselves into the expansive landscape of our own souls light. May we play and express ourselves a bit more carefree. For the well being of all.

It’s all just a dream anyways, right? Why not enjoy the journey.

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