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unraveling judgement

It’s time we unravel what we’re really judging in others. Because at the end of the day, anything we judge in another is often only a reflection of an aspect we’ve yet to fully understand/awaken within ourselves.

For example; If we perceive an addiction or distorted form in ones field that to our minds eye may be dark or shadowy, we often portray these energies as ‘entities'. But what if, they're really only fragmented pieces of ones being that’ve been so fragmented out of unity that it feels like there’s something else in their field? A space that’s yet to be enveloped in the light.

The more it's judged as being separate from ones true self, the more distorted and manipulating it may seem to be. However, the control this ‘darker' energy seems to have only pulls like gravity because it’s the exact place in their field that is in need of more love and light. It’s freedom waiting to be found for ones own personal expansion. The souls journey unique unto itself.

So let’s turn this inward. What if anything we judge outside of us is only reflecting back to us a place within ourselves in need of more light?

We’re all intuitive and perceive energy in our own unique ways. Though we often neglect that what we see (no matter how open our third eye is) is perceived through personal filters. Filters such as ego, personal wounds, subconscious beliefs, etc.

This is why having discernment is so vital as we return to unity consciousness. We must be willing to take responsibility for these filters and stop blaming everything as if separate from us.

Envelope all back into unity. Only from there can you truly judge the world. Though you’ll probably have a hard time once you realize everything is Godly perfection curiously realizing itself over and over and over.

Enjoy the journey. The only destination is exactly where you are now.

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