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what are you running from?

Every person, or circumstance, you run from - is a reflection of the parts of yourself you refuse to face.

Look at every lover, friend, family member, experience, you pushed away or ran from because it made you uncomfortable.

The uncomfortableness that arises within you is your teacher, with a lesson awaiting to be revealed. Maybe you weren’t ready to face it at the time, but what can you see now that you’re far enough to see from a broader perspective?


Personally, it always amazes me what uncovers itself when I courageously look back at what I ran from, or refuse to listen to from the outside world. The pain and deeply uncomfortable feeling that these things bring to light, is only a reflection of my attachments to my ego. The illusions, the stories, masked by fear and insecurities.


When these divine reflections are placed before to you, put your guard down. Listen {feel} into the subtle energies that arise within you.


Our challenge in this life - to make light of our darkness. To evolve beyond our own limitations.


Limitations that are merely stories we made up along the way. They cannot define us unless we give them power to.


If we wish to embody your truest essence, we must face our shadows, and uncover the hidden power lying dormant underneath them.


Understand that the shadows will reveal themselves as long as you refuse to face them, learn the lesson, and transcend beyond these limitations.


Everything is a truly blessing in disguise. All placed before us to help us see our true light once again, and remind us of our divinity.

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