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what did I do to deserve this?

When life rips the rug out from under you, it’s easy to ask the question - What did I do to deserve this? As if we made some mistake that got us to this place.

However, when I caught myself asking this question in the midst of a storm of heart break and confusion, I realized I could ask the same question with a lighter perspective. Regardless of the intensity of any experience, I know in my heart that everything that happens in our life, happens FOR us; not to us.

So I asked again - What did I do to deserve this? From an optimistic perspective. What did I heal, realize or activate that created this huge a shift? What am I calling in, that sparked me having to exist in an entirely new reality?

Our words have the power to cast spells on our reality. But it’s the energy emanating through them that molds our thoughts into form.


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