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what stories are you feeding?

A precious gift of ours as human beings is our free will to choose what we give our focus and attention to.

We can feed into the stories we tell ourselves, the habits that prevent us from reaching our goals, or the limiting beliefs that no longer resonate with the reality our heart desires to experience.


We can focus our energy into that which we do desire. New ways of being, embodying higher frequencies, attuning to our hearts desires. Practices that help guide us into stepping deeper into our personal truth.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time contemplating whether me feeling stuck in a reoccurring state is divinely happening, or if I’m limiting myself by not pushing myself to break free of it by doing something that may be uncomfortable.

You see I’ve come to be really good at being in my divine feminine. At surrendering, feeling, being vulnerable. But I’m rapidly moving more into my divine masculine which challenges so much of what I’ve found comfort in for so long.

A huge breakthrough I had at lighting was that I’ve feared my own masculine. And rightfully so. Every masculine I grew up trusting, betrayed me in one way or another, so these wounds were anchored deep. A shadow I’ve spent much time working through in the last year and finally am feeling more ready than ever to really step up to embody this strong, resilient, warrior side of myself.

But it’s scary. And like anything, there’s many layers to this I’m still working through. Many habits I’m struggling to break. Balance I’m trying to find.

I can look at how little progress I have to show for, or I can center into my inner knowing that I am truly becoming stronger and wiser everyday. Even if it’s two steps forward, one step back. Movement is movement.

Be easy on yourself. We’re miraculous creatures trying to exist in a world that’s done everything to keep us small. But look at you, breaking the rules, walking the road less traveled, opening your mind to new ways of being, learning how to listen to your heart.

That in itself is something to be proud of.

I honor you & the sacred light you hold for this earth.


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