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witness beyond the veil

The greatest gift we can ever give ourselves, is allowing ourselves to see beyond this physical realm; beyond the illusions, beyond the ego, beyond personality. To realize divinity within, and in all things. To witness the light in every facet of creation. To trust in the divine plan of life, knowing all serves purpose. All at its core is Love.


As I’m a quarter into my time working with Mercedes at the LA Auto Show, I’m challenged to show up in my truth deeper than ever. There are moments I want to complain, judge, and feel discouraged by our society. But that’s not what I’m here to do. I signed up for this for a reason. To challenge me to anchor my light beyond what is comfortable. Trust me, I wish was nestled up in a lush forest somewhere, but I’m here and this is exactly where I’m meant to be or else I wouldn’t be here.

It’s easy for me to disconnect from the world, and only venture out when I find those on similar frequencies. But to only show up when you feel most inspired only brings so many challenges. So I’m swimming deep in the matrix for a minute. Challenging myself to see beyond the materialistic veil. To see through the mass of egos and into the heart of our world. To witness love in the darkest places. To realize the divine within every facet of creation. To trust in the cosmic dance of life.

This is why I’m here. To sing the song of truth for all, so those who have forgotten can remember the words through presence alone.

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