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A 2hr workshop to reawaken codes of beloved embodied to bring all aspects of oneself online to become a match to their highest aligned soulmate


In this workshop // we will cover key practices, and points of focus, to help one in realizing all that is already here for them, know oneself as beloved to embody true wholeness from within, get clear on the inner energetics creating their reality / relationships, receive quantum upgrades to assist in aligning one to the soul their own came here to unite with, plus so much more...


This work is vital to attracting & holding conscious relationships because unless we know ourself as whole and complete, we will be searching for another outside of us to complete us. Which eventually can lead to codependency, resentment and lack of intimacy. When two beings are whole within themself, balanced in their own masculine feminine energetics, they no longer need the other, but rather deeply want the other and can give from their overflow. Creating the ideal container of rapturously expansive and creative love, and sacred union


For those ready to uplevel their relationship with themself, know true wholeness from within and, in time, become an energetic match to their soulmate... this workshop is for you




on 2.22.22 @ 12-2 MT


See you there, babe


Xo Star


*** This event was live, and there was not a recording. If you are interested in this work specifically, message me (IG @starlynjade is quickest way to reach me) and we can set up a 1:1 call or discuss further offerings on this topic. All my love, Star

Aligning Home

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