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Angelic Knowing is made with 6mm Sodalite, Moonstone and Pyrite. Accents are authentic brass, handmade by the Ebu tribe in Nigeria.


Sodalite is known as the Awakening stone. Connected to the Third eye chakra, and Throat chakra. Helps one to clearly see the truth while enhancing intuition. Helps replace emotion with logic to calm panic and stress, facilitating inner peace. Known to connect one to angelic realms. Aids in endurance and willpower to pursue ones purpose.


Moonstone is the stone of the Divine Feminine. Can help to increase fertility (if intended), aligning one with their own natural rhythm. It is a stone of destiny, connecting one with the energy of the moon. Associated with the crown chakra.


Pyrite is the stone of action, vitality, & will. It inspires confidence, and persistence. It draws its energy from the Earth and Sun, providing powerful energies of protection and blocking out negative energy. It is a wonderful crystal for manifestation, especially when it regards to wealth & good luck. It is great for students, and at work, because it promotes leadership and creativity.

Angelic Knowing

$30.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
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