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Blessing of the Owl was inspired to help one align and rise to their highest embodiment. It was designed to act as a guide into ones innermost wisdom to become the alchemist of their sacred journey. Every piece in my collection is channeled from Spirit and encoded with codes of light to personally assist you in whatever way you need.


The Owl is a symbol of being able to navigate any darkness in our life. It’s spirit brings clarity, prophetic inklings, and a strong connection with the mystical world. When you seek out the Owl, it is a way of reaching your Higher Self and seeing things from a higher perspective. This refreshing vantage point allows you to open doorways into other realms and connect with Spirit. The Owl has a strong connection with the element of air. Travel with Owl Spirit to the heavens and soar through the halls of the Akashic records. Owl will show you things that might otherwise remain hidden to you, so be open to seeing things in a whole new way. You cannot deceive Owl, which is why this spirit animal reminds us to remain true to ourselves, our voice and our vision. Owl does not tolerate illusion or secrets.


Hawks Eye, also called Blue Tiger’s Eye, is a very soothing stone that opens, clears and aligns the mid to higher range chakras to help one speak with clarity and act from a place of integrity. It gifts insight into internal conflicts and emotional or mental issues. Hawks Eye brings a "go with the flow" attitude, dismantles fears, phobias and hot tempers. It is known to balance the male/female, Yin/Yang energies. Also known to increase all forms of psychic abilities. Hawks eye can also alleviate eye problems that deal with the inability to focus. Because of its association with the Hawk, it is especially helpful to ease one’s fear of flying, enabling one to expand their horizons, often leading to better opportunities.


Moonstone is a stone of destiny, connecting one with the energy of the moon and the divine feminine. Associated with the crown and third eye chakra. Moonstone helps to enhance intuition and psychic abilities such as telepathy, channeling, mediumship, etc. If intended, Moonstone holds the ability to increase fertility and align one with their own natural rhythm.


Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone. Works on all areas of the body and mind, increasing energy and clarifying thought processes. Opens and activates all chakras. Known as the bringer of light, directing energies with more intensity allowing you to connect to your high self and seek out our spiritual purpose. Helps clear and protect your aura. Labradorite stimulates intuition, raising the consciousness and connecting to the universal energy. It is a stone of transformation, reflection and showing true intentions.


Smokey Quartz is a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection. It is also an excellent stone for cleansing and purifying one’s aura. Helpful for emotional healing or support. Useful for protecting against radiation. Works well for organs and glands in the lower body. Chakras: Root & Sacral

Blessing of the Owl

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