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My love, what if I told you the Garden of Your Soul is waiting to be birthed to life?


Within each of us is the potential to create, and tend to, the most beautiful garden imaginable.


The blueprints were written into the foundation of your being the moment of creation.


However, as we go about life without consciously tending to our inner garden - things become overgrown, weeds flourish and suffocate the precious gifts of your soul.


So often, as we remember our power as creator beings, we attempt the building process on top of the old.


For a fresh garden to be birthed to life, the remains of all that was overgrown, and neglected, previously must be excavated.


When properly tended to, we provide ourself fertile foundation to build upon.


Nurtured soil lies seductively ready for you to plant fresh seeds into it.


Your emotions allow you to feel the life moving through you into this vulnerable new garden.


The fire of your spirit radiates into the earth.


And the love you are, pours into every lump of fresh dirt, bringing to life the garden of your soul.


A place of solace, for every being who passes by to be blessed by the radiance of your essence.


A place people stop and stare in awe at the beauty of the mother in full bloom.


A place of remembrance, healing, grounding.


You, my love, get to be this sacred garden.


You get to co-create the life of your dreams, and bring each to life through your embodied presence alone.


But for effortless creation to happen, the foundation must be right.


The old stories, beliefs, ways of being must be cleared away, for the new to have space to land and grow.


Life gets to be easy.


As long as we have the right tools, and a clear vessel to vibrate in harmony with that which we desire to create.


It’s all available to us, and I’m deeply inspired to remind you that you have the power within to realize this so.


Join me on March 30th @ 3-5pm PST for a live workshop:




In this workshop we will cover:

  • foundational tools of finding safety in the body
  • the alchemy of shadow work + sacred boundaries
  • conscious co creation + effortless manifestation
  • the sovereign power of grounding
  • connecting home to the mother
  • the art of loving awareness
  • quantum healing

+ so much more


A replay will be sent out for all those who cannot attend live


For any questions - please email me or message me via IG


I love you all so so much


May we remember our power as sovereign creator beings && come together to build a world we all feel safe to express our soul gifts in.


The world needs us now more than ever.


We are not meant to do it all alone.


I’ll see you there, my love ;)


Muah xoxox


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