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There is a way of living where love leads, miracles unfold with ease & abundance flows through you as a byproduct of your authentic expression


This is the path of soul; the path of love


As we waltz through life, we each are blessed with the freedom of choice


When we choose from the ego / human self, we are choosing from a consciousness focussed into inorganic structures of limitation, survival & separation


The soul, however, chooses beyond what is known to the conscious mind, as it invites you into the unknown ocean of possibility, that always serves the greater whole


Choosing to walk the path of the soul, is the reclamation of our true nature that is in harmony with, & eternally one, with the whole⁣


When devoted to the path of love & make conscious choices from the space of unicity, you allow divinity to express itself through you & into the collective field⁣


As we choose to follow the path of our soul, we step into devotional service to love, to God & the whole as one


Doors open Thursday, January 21st, @ 1-3pm PST via Zoom

(link will be sent out in later email)


If you cannot make the live event, a replay will be sent out within 24hrs of the workshop


I cannot wait to welcome in 2021, the year of radical abundance, soul led leadership & embodied purpose, with you


See you so soon, my loves



SOUL CHOICE : Live Workshop

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