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A practice us sensitive beings need more than we may be aware,


... are  B O U N D A R I E S


Boundaries are the container in which you declare what is for you, and what isn’t


They’re your hard “NO’s”


Creating the pathway for your “YES’s” to flow to you naturally


For when you say 'No' to that which you do not want, you naturally say 'Yes' to what you do (even if you're yet to know consciously what that is)


Boundaries create the container for that which is for you.. to land


They are your guidelines for how you desire the universe to support you


They create a sacred space for only certain experiences, people and energies to meet you


There is a whole spectrum of how boundaries can look, where they are necessary, how to place them, the potency of them, etc


Boundaries have been my saving grace for actually creating the life of my dreams, and I’m inspired to bring this wisdom to you now


Creating and birthing new realities into form is our nature, my loves


But there are laws to creating, and boundaries are one piece to creation I feel isn’t spoken on enough


So I present to you,


Space To Land


the only workshop you’ll need to master boundaries for good, and attract to you your hearts desires with EASE..


// a  2 hour  live workshop hosted by me 

             Saturday, July 24th

                    via Zoom


In this workshop we will cover :


◈ What boundaries are, various styles & how to set them

◈ Your relationship with You as the foundation /self love

◈ Embodying the Mother archetype

◈ The hidden power of boundaries

◈ Understanding laws of nature

◈ Simple & effective practices

+ so much more…


A replay will be sent out for all those who cannot attend live


Pre Party tickets available now until July 20th


&& because I feel more souls need these codes...


I am offering 'Bring a Friend' ticket options:


Buy 2 for $133 ($66.50 each)

Buy 3 for $165 ($55 each)


It would be my honor to have you there, babe


Xx Starlyn

Space to Land

$108.00 Regular Price
$47.00Sale Price
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