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5 Card Reading

  • 45 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Oracle cards, in the most simplest terms, are channeled messages from the Divine. Each holding within it a certain frequency that connects to your own energy field to bring forth to you that which you need. They can be used to bring you back to your truth so you can continue forward with more clarity in your mind and peace in your heart. What is channeled through acts in accordance with the past, present and/or future. I am an intuitive and channel and use the cards to provide a clear message for you by connecting with your angelic and cosmic guides. In this 5 card reading, I start by creating a sacred space as I tune into your guides who wish to come through at this time. I'll ask they provide a clear message of the highest light to help attune you to your own. Once the cards are pulled, I read through the energy of each and share any information that comes through. I then sit and allow spirit to channel through any more clarity needed to provide you with the most support on your sacred path. *Optional: If desired, specify in the notes section if you have a particular question you’d like advice on, or if there is a certain theme to your reading i.e. love, health, career, etc. If not specified, I will do a general reading for you and your unique journey. I'll open up the space for your guides to provide the information required for your clearest innerstanding so you can continue forward towards your souls greatest fulfillment. You can schedule a selected time to do a virtual reading with me via Skype, FaceTime, or Instagram video. Or if you'd prefer, I can tune in on my own time and will share with you your reading via email. The email will be entitled “YOUR ORACLE READING”. I share with you a photo(s) of your entire layout, attached with individual descriptions of each card, why is was pulled for you and what it represents, along with any additional messages or advice from (y)our guides. You will also receive a personal voice recording of a channeled message from me and your guides summarizing your reading and any other messages they wish for me to relay to you. I honor you for trusting me to tune into your unique expression. I vow to only provide you with the purest light of the highest order to help you align to and embody your truest expression in this life. I love you. Thank you for being here at this time. I look forward to connecting and rising with you. Namaste

Contact Details

Southern California, CA, USA

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