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Schedule :

Day 1

Knowing Self as Beloved

Day 2

Rising Through Heartbreak


there will be a live Q+A and Hot Seat Intuitive Guidance at the end of each day

No upcoming events at the moment

Transitions are a natural part of life. They cannot be without the death of what was once alive. And as nature goes, there would be no life without death. When a relationship, a way of being, a job, a chapter of your life, whatever it is, dies.. it is an opportunity for new life to be birthed. Heart of Truth is the culmination of the hardest couple years of my life, and also the most expansive. It was the trenches of my deepest heartache where I found the greatest treasures and I want to offer those very tools, processes and codes of wisdom to you.


Heartbreak comes with the territory of love. It is infused with the very medicine your soul knew you were ready for. Love is the fabric of life. It is what lies at the heart of truth. When we face any form of devastation, it's easy to feel separate from love. It is my living prayer to gift you an experience of love embodied.

Whether you’re in the trenches of heartbreak, still hang on to threads to old love, fear heartbreak altogether, are longing for or are happily in love - this 2 day masterclass is for you. Wherever you are on your journey is welcome in this space. It will be a conversation about love, soul contracts, the gifts our relationships offer and God as our eternal lover. Plus so much more of course as this will be a real time transmission.

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