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Beloved Embodied is an alchemical reclamation of union with the all

My love, your light of your fullest expression is needed in the world NOW more than ever.
A part of you knows this.

You feel it, deep within your bones.
A pull to step up & into your sovereign powerA spark beginning to ignite within you. An intuition to listen deeper.

And yet, something stops you.

A voice, a pattern, a belief that whispers all the reasons
you're NOT yet enough.

But I'm here to tell you . . .

You, in all your wild glory, are ENOUGH.
In fact, you're more than enough!

Yet over the course of your life you picked up ideas and stories
that made you believe otherwise.

B E L O V E D  E M B O D I E D
was made just for this.

This work invokes a quantum upleveling on every level. I intentionally select souls who are ready to show up + step fully into their next level.

I choose the beings that are done reaching outside themself for the fulfillment that can only be found within. 

1:1 Containers Available: 33 | 60 | 90 days

If your heart is a YES, if you know you're ready to up level your entire reality, affirm below

Beloved, I know how lonely this journey can feel.

I know how deeply your heart aches to be recognized.


I know how strong the desire is for somebody to affirm your existence. To believe in your divinity.

I know how it feels to be encapsulated the constant yearning for your beloved to complete you. Or the next goal or dream.


I know how it feels to be alone in your gifts.


Bathed in self doubt and judgement for how out of place you believe yourself to be.

Constantly waiting for something on the outside to land for you to feel affirmed in your god creator self.


I hear your cry for deeper connection. I hear your readiness to be seen.

I hear your desire to step out of where you are and into a life that sets your soul on fire.⁣

You feel new life emerging from within you, yet you look around and nothing confirms that yet. You’ve outgrown your old life, but the new is yet to show its face, so you stay where it’s comfortable.⁣

You hold onto relationships that don’t allow you to fully shine.


You stay in jobs you hate to validate your worthiness with your family.


You keep your mouth shut to avoid arguing for your truth.


You dim your light because that feels safer than stepping into the unknown.

Babe, I get it!

I know how it feels.


I know where you are because I was once where you are and

I’m still right here before you walking this journey home too.⁣

Beloved Embodied was birthed from my own devotional path of realizing myself as whole + complete.

I became overwhelming exhausted from reaching outside of myself for a sense of completion and devoted to knowing myself as beloved embodied.

From here - everything in my life shifted.


How I viewed myself, how I felt, how I showed up in the world. The realities, client relationships, my partnership with my true beloved, the money, the brand new car - all landed with ease the moment I realized I was never separate from any of it.


It was all right here within me, the quantum essence at the root of everything I desired, was simply waiting for me to realize the divinity I am and embody all that I longed to find outside of myself.

I remembered my truth by breaking my own heart that gave me no choice but to surrender to the inherent truth that lie within my bones.

The truth of oneness with all that is.

My connection to the all, here in form.


" I long to see you rise so you can see the light I see so brightly in your eyes"

U N D R E S S  Y O U R  S O U L
is for the Soul ready to rise, the King + Queen ready to reclaim their throne, find their voice & live a life turned on by their own sovereign radiance

Imagine this . . .

A smile peaks from your lips as you wake up in love with who you are becoming

You know today is filled with you doing exactly what you came here to do

You let your intuition guide you into a ritual that harnesses the power of your soul

You are balanced in your feminine & masculine expressions, knowing which is needed to lead at the exact right moments

You dance through life knowing you're always exactly where you're meant to be

You're ready, turned on and empowered to express your truth

You know that whatever is placed on your path, you will be able to move through with grace because the hand of the divine is with you all the way

You dance with the rhythm of your soul to create and share your most authentic gifts with the world

Money and abundance flow to you effortlessly because you’ve finally stepped into YOU

You know who you are, what you want and you fearlessly magnetize that into your reality


You have strong boundaries to say NO to anything that doesn’t align with your soul, as you invite in what you know in your heart is yours to claim

You are the parent your inner child always needed. Gifting them a safe space to play, imagine and remain curious to the magic of life


You’ve made peace with your shadows, and can recognize the gift of any trigger knowing it’s guiding you home to your self as you pour your love into every part of you in pain


You are a walking, breathing phenomena of divine light in human form


You are awakened in your truth


One with Universal Love

Beloved, it's all available to you.

In this sacred 1:1 container, we will strip away the many layers, programs

and beliefs that do not support your light in shining through.


I will guide you to the place within where your highest self resides

and your purpose revealed.


Together we will meet each fear that arises and

alchemize all resistance into support.


I'll be there as you make peace with your shadows, reparent your inner child and realize yourself as Beloved.

I'll help you remember your oneness with the divine as you witness

your own souls light and awaken your magnetic radiance.

"Let me help you return to your innermost center, remember the divinity of your very being & ignite you into your sovereign radiance."

UYS is for you if. . .

  • You’re tired of playing small

  • You're starving for your own self love

  • You desire true connection and to know the beloved from within, as your own self

  • You're ready for your soulmate or desire to deepen even more into eternal love

  • You know you have a purpose, but don’t know where to start

  • You feel alone in your gifts

  • You fear your own power

  • You’re tormented by the ‘mistakes’ of your past

  • You feel trapped in comfort zones long outgrown

  • You find yourself encaged in self limiting prophesies

  • You’re ready to heal and alchemize your shadows into your greatest strengths

  • You get turned on by the thought of your own potential

  • You’re in need of practical tools to reparent your inner child

  • You crave to know, rebalance and awaken your sacred feminine and masculine expressions

  • You’re exhausted by toxic patterns and are ready to heal and trust your divine self

  • You’re curious and eager to know your high self, connect to your guides and realize true union with the divine

  • You’re ecstatic, maybe slightly doubtful, that the life of your dreams awaits you just over the bridge of your own inner journey

Here's what you get:
I dare you to trust that inner pull to take the leap into your next highest potential.

Depending on the length of time you commit to, we will dive in through weekly 60 minute 1:1 calls with me where together we will walk through your personal journey, dance through blocks that may arise and help you get crystal clear on the direction your soul is calling you in

Access to a private chat with me via Voxer to asses any blocks,

questions and personalized support outside of our live calls

Personalized Reiki support, when needed

+ so much more because god knows spirit always has some

unexpected magic up her sleeve


** limited space is available **

"The world doesn't need healing.
It needs to remember what it feels like to be
         in the presence of love."

                    - Gene Keys

The world needs us embodied fully in love.

As we undress ourself of all aspects not anchored in truth, we return to our awakened state of unity, pleasure and soul magnetism.

That's all this world needs. Truly.
You, embodied in your souls true essence, radiating your heart light and living your soul purpose.

I'll see you inside.

X - Star

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